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     Here at Claybreakers we are a family owned and operated facility. We offer a sheltered 5 stand, to escape the sun on the hot days, as well as a 14 station sporting clays course. Whether you are new to the sport, or the competitive shooter, it is a great place to hone in your shooting ability. We currently have eleven trap machines in operation within the 5-stand course. This means you will be given a great variety of presentations. We also offer Wobble Trap, which consists of 25 targets thrown from a central-located trap house. We work hard to keep prices reasonable and affordable, at only $12.50 per round of 25. Sporting Clays is offered at $50.00 per round of 100.
     We would love to host your next birthday party, bachelor party, church outing, or company event. Catering is available upon request. Please give us a call to book your next outing.
     We offer gift cards for that one person in your life that is so hard to shop for. Just give them the gift of enjoyable shooting.
     As a family owned business, with it's foundation within the interest of the youth learning to shoot safely and succeed in the shooting sport, the youth is the future of the shooting sports.


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